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Qualitative and Quantitative Equality Demanded Worldwide

1. First and foremost, we demand equality. By equality, we mean the equal enjoyment of freedom and justice by every human being, everywhere on the planet -- qualitatively, quantitatively, and unequivocally. We mean equality in quality of life conditions, equality in the structure of human relationships, equality in the laws, and equality in the world order.

2. Because we demand equality, we demand freedom-- one of the two major imperatives of an egalitarian world condition. By freedom, we mean the liberty with which to think, analyze and solve complex problems, and conquer our fate. We mean the liberty with which to achieve parity in every dimension of reality, unfettered by psychological stigmatizations, political constraints, or costs.

3. In addition to freedom, we demand justice which, like freedom, is a major imperative of our demand for worldwide equality. From this imperative comes our quest for universal employment, occupational rotation, and deferred occupational specialization, inter alia. By universal employment, we mean the state and condition in which everyone everywhere works, in which everyone works in a constructive occupation, and in which everyone benefits equally from the merits of work.

4. Our justice imperative dictates, further, that we demand an employment system that facilitates occupational rotation. By occupational rotation, we mean the requirement that everyone everywhere crisscross between the best and worst occupations during the full course of his or her career. Such rotation must continue until the person reaches the age of 55 and becomes eligible to retire.

5. In furtherance of parities of justice, we demand that workers be forbidden from entering into an occupational specialty prior to age 55. After reaching 55, all persons may choose to specialize in a profession, or they may select to work in the governing function, teach, or retire into leisure. No societal obligations will be imposed upon anyone older than 55.

6. To enhance productivity and cultural assimilation, we demand that a system for perpetual education be effected across civilization. This means basically that employment and personal development will enjoy the facilitation of continued learning. Upon satisfying their employment obligations, workers will be encouraged to pursue their learning interests but the requirement to pursue such learning will no longer apply.

7. To assure the sustainment of freedom and justice, we demand that our world embody an affectively forgiving heart. By an affectively forgiving heart, we mean a heart so purified with magnanimity as to enjoy the capacity to forgive unconditionally. Here, we refer to such liberating affectivities as the forgiveness of debt, the pardoning prisoners, and the rejecting all forms of punishment -- joyously and universally.

8. As a complement to an affective liberality, we demand universal citizenship privilege. Here, we mean that passports, visas, and national borders must be everywhere prohibited and that there be freedom of travel, and free worldwide travel, for everyone, everywhere on our planet. Everyone will work, but all will also enjoy the equal pleasures of exploring, living, or learning in any location of their choosing.

9. In recognition of the egalitarian nature of our qualities as a species, we demand that the plenary power of the human race be exalted. By the plenary power of the human race, we mean the power inherent in our humanity that makes us absolute, complete, and immune from subordination to all doctrines, constitutions, and values -- a power that neither human nature nor supernature may ever subdue or repress.

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Our primary objective replicates the objective aspired to by every political party on this planet -- namely, to get control of those governments that would otherwise continue to control and oppress us. In pursuing this aspiration, we endeavor transform the world condition by achieving the following political, socioeconomic, and cultural goals:

Equality Across Humanity

Equality across humanity infers equality in all aspects of human endeavor, including:

Equality in the structure of human relationships

Equality in quality of life conditions

Equality in the yields of production

Equality in the laws

Equality in the world order

Universal Employment

Universal employment is an anchor in our program for constructive engagement. By universal employment, we mean an end to unemployment, special employment privilege, and deprived employment privilege. This goal, which engages the whole civilization in constructive occupations, is universal. It especially challenges the wealthy to secure employment, for the requirement that everyone work also deprives everyone of a "special" status.

Occupational Rotation

A second obligation of engagement is occupational rotation, the requirement that everyone rotates work through eleven major occupational categories across the full course of his or her career. Through this system of engagement, everyone shares equally in the best and worst occupations, and as a result, no one suffers a lack of humility.

Deferred Occupational Specialization

In the postmaterial society, no one will have the liberty of specializing in a profession before completing the obligations of engagement. One's decision to specialize is voluntary, but everyone will enjoy this option, in addition to the option to teach, work in a governing function, or retire upon satisfying the obligations of engagement.


Abundance will be the norm, not an exception in our society. With the entire world fairly engaged in constructive occupations, everyone may have multiple homes, but no one may have 10 homes while others have none. Consumer equality will be perfected and absolute, and consumption may only be restricted when restrictions are necessary to avoid depriving future generations of an enriched quality of life livelihood as well.

Abundant Leisure

Through constructive engagement, leisure will flourish under the provisions of our system. For example, there will be six-hour workdays, four-day workweeks, and eight-month work years. The option to retire will occur at age 55, the age at which the citizens shall have completed the obligations of their basic career. But while all workers may retire at this age, they also may choose specialize in a profession, work in a governing function, or teach.

Enlightened Understanding

Education will become a system for enlightened understanding under our leadership. We shall achieved an enlightened society through cultivation, and as cultivation advances, the concept of education will be phased out. The enlightenment function, then, will complement the employment obligation, and cultivation will propagate across all careers.

Cost Freedom

In the postmaterial economy, no one will be burdened with a cost for consumable goods or services. More specifically, freedom will replace money, and with the whole world constructively working, resource abundance and prosperity will flourish. Moreover, everyone will be able to travel freely, enjoy an abundance of leisure, and reap the benefits of social, political, economic, and cultural liberation.

Security Without Arms

In a society in which some are armed and others not, equality does not exist. In our postmaterial future, all weapons will, therefore, be destroyed, including all weapons owned by the government. Moreover, the existence of prisons defy the spirit of equality that propels us as a party. Thus, as the armed forces disarm, all prisoners, everywhere on the planet, will be accorded an unconditional release.


Stop Supporting American Political Parties

For more than two centuries, the political parties in the United States have manipulated, deceived, and failed the American people. They have deliberately failed to end poverty, racism, and criminal injustices. They have deliberately sustained these evils because their egoistic interests require that they do so, and they do not ever intend to eradicate inequality. They do not deserve your support.

Stop Voting in Fraudulent U.S. Elections

2016 U.S. Presidential Election ResultsThe American political system lacks legitimacy. A political system that is born of violence, that is not supported by a majority of voting-age adults, and that refuses to end social, political, and economic inequalities lacks legitimacy and, therefore, lacks the right to exist. It does not deserve your vote.

Stop Honoring U.S. Soldiers

Men and women who travel thousands of miles to kill people on behalf of a country that requires policemen to kill their fellow countrymen do not deserve your honor.

Stop Praising U.S. Policemen

Men and women who pose as law enforcement officers while behaving as thugs do not deserve your praise.

Stop Glorifying U.S. Veterans

Men and women who kill people who neither harm nor threaten to harm them personally do not deserve your glory.

Stop Saluting U.S. Flags

Flags that rise above slums, reservations, and prisons overflowing with racist law enforcement customs do not deserve your salute.

Stop Celebrating U.S. Holidays

Holidays in countries in which homelessness persists while houses, apartment buildings, and condominium dwellings stand lopsided with vacancies do not deserve your celebration.

Stop Consecrating the U.S. Constitution

Constitutions that cops, courts, and government officials themselves ignore do not deserve your concentration -- however packed with rights or entitlements they may appear.

Stop Working for Employers Who Demean You

Any job that any other person is exempted from doing is demeaning to you, and it does not deserve your labor.